139 World Building Prompts for Gods

These world building prompts come from 3000 World Building Prompts, which you can get at Amazon. This section is focused on creating gods.

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  1. Do you want or need gods in the setting?
  2. Are the gods real or imagined?
  3. How many gods are there?
  4. Are the gods part of a pantheon, like a family?
  5. Are the gods equally powerful?
  6. If not, how many tiers of power are there?
  7. What is the difference in power level between tiers?
  8. How many gods are in each tier?
  9. Which ones are in each tier?
  10. Do gods at different tiers have different rights and abilities?
  11. Can gods go up or down a tier?
  12. If so, what causes that to happen?
  13. Has it ever happened before?
  14. Are there are a set number of spots in a tier?
  15. If so, why is that?
  16. In order for someone to rise, must another fall?
  17. How is the falling deity chosen?
  18. Can they protest this?
  19. What is the result of a dispute?
  20. Who arbitrates the dispute?
  21. Is a ruling binding or customarily followed?
  22. Is one god considered the most powerful?
  23. If so, who and why?
  24. Has that always been the case?
  25. Is one god considered the leader?
  26. If so, who and why?
  27. Has that always been the case?
  28. How many pantheons of gods are there?
  29. Are they equal in the number of gods or power levels and abilities?
  30. Is one pantheon rising while another is falling?
  31. What is causing their respective trajectories?
  32. Is each god gender fluid or do they remain a specific gender?
  33. Do the gods ever appear as animals?
  34. If so, what is the rationale for their choice(s)?
  35. Do they appear as objects that others can use?
  36. Do they become more vulnerable in another form?
  37. Do the gods have astrological signs? What are they?


  1. Are the gods able to reproduce?
  2. Are some able to reproduce and others aren’t?
  3. Which ones and why?
  4. Can the ability to reproduce be gained or lost? How?
  5. Has it happened before? With whom?
  6. How did this affect that deity and other gods?
  7. What impact did this have on religions involving that god?
  8. Can a god die?
  9. If what happens to their powers?
  10. Are they absorbed by other gods?
  11. Are they just lost?
  12. Does this impact the physical world directly, such as the god of storms losing control of weather?
  13. Can all the gods die?
  14. If so, does this precipitate the end of the world?
  15. Or the end of an age?
  16. Can they be reborn or resurrected?
  17. How and by whom?
  18. Can they be wounded?
  19. Do they naturally regenerate and at what speed?
  20. Can they be healed? How? By whom?
  21. Where did the gods come from?
  22. Were they themselves born of another being or the universe?
  23. Did they make the universe?


  1. Do the gods interact with mortals?
  2. If interacting with mortals is forbidden, what is the consequence to the deity?
  3. Is any god suffering that consequence right now?
  4. How are their followers affected by this?
  5. What are some common swears that invoke a god’s name?
  6. Can the gods have offspring with other gods?
  7. If so, are these other gods just as powerful or lesser?
  8. Can the gods have offspring with mortals?
  9. If so, what is the result?
  10. Can the gods have offspring with animals?
  11. If so, what is the result?
  12. What is the creation myth?
  13. Is there an end of times myth?
  14. What is going to cause the end of times?
  15. Are there famous stories of godly deeds or misdeeds?
  16. If so, what lesson does each teach?
  17. Are the stories about gods vs. gods or gods vs. a race?
  18. How do the gods shed light on mortals and what concerns those mortals have?
  19. Can a mortal become a god or a demi-god? How?
  20. Are all or any of the gods associated with a season?
  21. Are all or any of the gods associated with an element?
  22. Do atheists exist or does everyone believe/know the god(s) are real?
  23. If atheists exist, what do any existing gods think of this?
  24. Does science peacefully exist beside faith?
  25. Are you basing any deities on an Earth analogue?
  26. If using an analogue, what three changes can you make to have it appear different?
  27. Where do the gods live?
  28. Can mortals reach where the gods live?
  29. Must mortals be invited to where the gods live?
  30. What happens to a mortal who shows up where the gods live uninvited, unwanted, or unannounced?
  31. Have the gods invented any interesting places and what is unique about them?
  32. What role do gods play in the lives of non-gods?

A God

These prompts pertain to inventing a deity rather than general questions about gods.

  1. What power(s) does the god have?
  2. What is the god’s gender?
  3. Is the gender fluid or changeable?
  4. Does the god have an animal form and if so, what is it?
  5. What areas of concern does the deity have (love, war, etc.)?
  6. What are the god’s nicknames and titles?
  7. What is the god’s symbol?
  8. Is the god the patron of anyone and who?
  9. Is the god associated with a color?
  10. Is there a specific day or month they are associated with or which is important to them or their followers and why?
  11. Does the god have a specific item(s) associated with him or her? What properties does it have?
  12. Is the god the only one who can use, or properly use, their items?
  13. Has the god ever lost such an item and what was the result for the god and whoever found it?
  14. Is the god considered a relative of anyone and in what way (sister, etc.)?
  15. Does the god have any children?
  16. Are the god’s children gods, mortals, monsters, or a hybrid?
  17. What is the god’s relationship with offspring like?
  18. Does this god get involved with mortals beyond answering prayers?
  19. Does this god answer prayers?
  20. What makes this god not answer a specific prayer?
  21. Does this god require sacrifices?
  22. If so, what kind and how often?
  23. Is the god friendly or hostile?
  24. Is this god temperamental?
  25. How does the god behave?
  26. Is the god good, evil, neither, or neutral?
  27. Is the god or their followers feared?
  28. Is the god mature or immature (spiteful, jealous, etc.)?
  29. Where does this god live?
  30. What is this god’s home like?
  31. Is that home separate from the other gods and why?
  32. Are mortals able to visit this god and if so, how do they get there?
  33. Is the home guarded and by what?
  34. What is the god famous for?
  35. Are their followers famous and for what?
  36. Has the god created any lifeforms (species, animals, monsters)?
  37. Has the god invented any objects?
  38. Has the god created a place?
  39. What caused the god to exist?
  40. Does the god have parents?
  41. Does the god have siblings?
  42. Can this god be wounded?
  43. Can this god die?
  44. What kind of weapon or power can hurt or kill this god?
  45. Has it recovered from a wound or death, or is there still a sign of this?
  46. How old is the god?
  47. Has the god participated in any wars between deities or mortals and in what capacity?

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