51 World Building Prompts for Creating Education Systems

These world building prompts come from 3000 World Building Prompts, which you can get at Amazon. This section is focused on creating education systems.

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  1. For where (sovereign power, settlement, etc.) are you defining this education system?
  2. Does basic education (grade school) exist?
  3. It is available to everyone?
  4. Are some groups (race, gender, etc.) discriminated against?
  5. What form does that discrimination take?
  6. How much protest of that discrimination is there?
  7. Using an equivalent of your country, to what grade level does basic education go?
  8. Is it mandatory? To what grade level?
  9. Are parents or others punished for failure to have kids educated to the required level?
  10. Does college or trade school education exist?
  11. Are apprenticeships acceptable forms of learning?
  12. If so, does a student live with their master?
  13. Is home-schooling an option?
  14. Do boarding schools exist?
  15. What sort of curriculum is taught?
  16. To what level is math taught?
  17. To what level is the dominant language taught?
  18. Are other languages taught and which ones?
  19. How much history is taught and how accurate is it? Is there propaganda in it?
  20. Are athletics considered important and taught?
  21. Is art and music appreciation taught and to what degree?
  22. Are more advanced subjects like biology, chemistry, and higher math (algebra, geometry) taught and do most people learn them?
  23. What magic subjects are taught so that most people are familiar even if they are not practitioners?
  24. To what level are technological subjects taught?
  25. Which education, if any, is publicly funded?
  26. Is private education available for all types?
  27. Are there public schools that are free to attend?
  28. Do taxes pay for public schooling? Is there a specific tax or industry that is taxed?
  29. Can one work a job to pay for school?
  30. For how long must one do so?
  31. Are scholarships available and what causes one to earn it?
  32. Must students live near the school?
  33. Does jurisdiction determine which school one attends?
  34. Do those living at school return home for holidays?
  35. For how many years is each type of schooling?
  36. How many months of the year is schooling at each level?
  37. How many hours of the day is schooling at each level?
  38. How many days of the week?
  39. What is given at graduation?
  40. Are libraries and labs onsite at school?
  41. At what age must students enroll in each required education level?
  42. Are there coed classes, dorms, and bathrooms?
  43. Are genders treated equally?
  44. Are species/races segregated?
  45. Are some species/races not allowed to be faculty?
  46. Are some species/races preferred as faculty of particular subjects?
  47. Are any schools famous and what caused their fame?
  48. Which school is notoriously difficult to be admitted to?
  49. Which is school is most esteemed and why?
  50. Where is most scientific, legal, and magical research done?
  51. How literate are populations with this education system?
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