Author Biography

Randy Ellefson

Author and world building strategist Randy Ellefson has been world building since the 1980s, having worked on a single world (Llurien) for decades, while also building separate worlds for other projects.

Rand has won honorable mention three times in the prestigious Writers of the Future contest and publishes fantasy novels, novellas, and short stories via Evermore Press, which is also publishing¬†The Art of World Building; the series has reached the Top 10 on Amazon’s Bestseller lists. He’s also cohost of the Fantasy & Sci-Fi Author Summit. Between selling at conventions, he also appears on podcasts for writers.

He holds a Bachelors of Music, Magna cum Laude, in classical guitar, and runs his own record label, which has released five of his albums (three instrumental rock, one instrumental acoustic, and one classical guitar album). His metal band, Black Halo, is releasing its debut album in 2024, with Rand as guitarist, main songwriter/lyricist, and band manager.

Rand works as a professional software architect in the Washington, D.C. area and has worked for the State Department, White House, and NASA among others. When not creating, he’s playing with his son and daughter, golfing, skiing, or swimming.