Volumes 1-3 each have over 100 Amazon reviews, average rating of 4.6!
NY Times bestselling author Piers Anthony, and Ed Greenwood (inventor of The Forgotten Realms) have praised the series.

Build better, faster.

About the Series

The Art of World Building teaches aspiring storytellers, gamers, and hobbyists how to build believable worlds using time-saving advice, templates, and relevant research so you can make informed decisions.  You’ll learn how much to build for each scenario, when to do it, and how it can be used in your work. The series is:

  • The most comprehensive books available for strategies and techniques about world building
  • Authored by an expert with over thirty years experience in world building
  • Filled with examples of how to use everything inside
  • Full of free, reusable templates you can use to jump start your efforts

The Main Books

Volumes 1-3 are the main books in the series:

Creating Life
Creating Places
Cultures and Beyond

These are also collected in one volume, The Complete Art of World Building.

The Workbooks

Two workbooks to write down your ideas are available:

Fantasy Edition
Sci-Fi Edition

The Short Books

Drawn from the main books (Volumes 1-3) are two additional volumes:

185 Tips on World Building
3000 World Building Prompts

The Podcast Transcripts

The main books were turned into a podcast, the episodes transcribed and available as Volumes 4-6:

Creating Life: The Podcast Transcripts
Creating Places: The Podcast Transcripts
Cultures and Beyond: The Podcast Transcripts  

These are also collected in one volume, The Complete Art of World Building: Podcast Transcripts.

Other Mediums

The books are now a popular podcast, a YouTube channel, and a growing series of courses at World Building University.

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