116 World Building Prompts for Creating Monsters

These world building prompts come from 3000 World Building Prompts, which you can get at Amazon. This section is focused on creating monsters.

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  1. Does the monster have a name?
  2. Does it have a nickname?
  3. Are you using your monster to teach a moral lesson and if so, what is it?
  4. Is the monster real or just a story?
  5. What kinds of people don’t believe it exists?
  6. Is the monster known or unknown?
  7. If it’s famous, for what?
  8. What does it look like?
  9. Is the monster hideous or attractive?
  10. Is it humanoid?
  11. Was the monster once a species? Which one?
  12. Is there any of its “humanity” left? How much and what parts?
  13. How much of its intelligence or knowledge does it maintain?
  14. How does it feel about what it is now?
  15. What exaggerations do people make about it and what is actually true?
  16. What sorts of stories do people tell about it?
  17. How does it feel about its appearance and how people react to it?
  18. How do people react to the sight of it or its presence?

Its Life

  1. Is there only one of them?
  2. Can it reproduce and how?
  3. How many offspring are produced at once?
  4. Are offspring born in an egg?
  5. Are offspring immediately dangerous and how?
  6. Do offspring get more dangerous later and in what stages?
  7. Does it need a mate to reproduce?
  8. Is there a master monster who controls others?
  9. If the master is killed, do the subordinates die?
  10. Is the master also a monster or a race?
  11. How can it be killed?
  12. How hard or easy is it to be killed?
  13. When dismembered, do the parts continue to move or become additional monsters?
  14. Is a special weapon needed to hurt or kill it?
  15. Was this monster the result of an accident?
  16. If so, who or what caused the accident?
  17. Did magic cause the monster?
  18. Did someone create this monster on purpose? Why?
  19. Is the monster a product of nature or a phenomenon?
  20. What caused its evolution into its current form?
  21. Where is the source of this evolution?
  22. Is that source capable of creating more?
  23. Would each one be the same?
  24. Does anyone know the answer to that?
  25. How long ago was the monster created?
  26. Do people know where the monster came from? Is the backstory known?
  27. Is there anyone trying to understand this monster?
  28. Who are they and why do they care?
  29. What is the monster’s lifespan?
  30. Is there a god protecting this monster?
  31. What does the monster consume to survive?
  32. Does it consume anything for pleasure?
  33. Are species/races on the menu?

Motives and Behavior

  1. Does the monster just want to survive?
  2. Does the monster want to hoard treasure? And why?
  3. Does the monster just want to be safe and left alone?
  4. Does the monster want revenge and for what?
  5. Is there a known expert in its history or behavior?
  6. Does the monster have a god?
  7. Does the monster work with a god or at their behest?
  8. How smart is the monster?
  9. Does the monster understand what actions of it will cause people to seek it out and attempt to destroy it?
  10. Does it want to lure people to it and why? To consume them?
  11. Does the monster consume people?
  12. Does the monster do anything else to people?
  13. Does the monster have unusual strength?
  14. Can the monster withstand unusual amounts of pain or injury?
  15. Can the monster regenerate body parts or otherwise recover from wounds?
  16. Is the monster faster or slower than usual?
  17. Is the monster mobile or rooted to a spot?
  18. Does the monster have better/worse endurance?
  19. Can it travel faster or farther than expected?
  20. Is it faster or slower in combat?
  21. Does its body inhibit the way it moves and attacks?
  22. Can it chase down prey?
  23. How much control does it have with weapons?
  24. Can it fire a gun or crossbow?
  25. Is the monster afraid of anything? Enough that it will flee?
  26. What unique skills does the monster have?
  27. What does the monster think of those living nearby?
  28. What impact does the monster have on society?
  29. Do people avoid traveling near where it is rumored to be, or with reinforcements?
  30. Does the monster understand any languages?
  31. Does the monster speak any languages?
  32. Can the monster write a language or have its own?
  33. Does the monster mark its territory and how?
  34. Does it have any habits, like stacking bones?
  35. Does it do anything at predictable intervals?
  36. How does it get along with each species/race?
  37. How does the monster track victims?
  38. Does the monster attract prey?
  39. How does the monster prefer to kill?
  40. What does the monster do with victims?
  41. What can the monster do that is noteworthy and defining?
  42. Is it adept at hiding?
  43. Does the monster have any supernatural abilities?
  44. Can it perform magic and to what level?
  45. What kind of magic can it do?
  46. Is it afraid of magic?
  47. Does it have a supernatural place nearby?
  48. Can the monster use technology and to what degree?
  49. Does the monster have a lair?
  50. What makes a suitable lair?
  51. Can it build or change a place into a suitable lair?
  52. What type of terrain does it prefer or is commonly found in?
  53. What type of climate does it exist in?
  54. Are there bodies of victims in its lair and where they fell or stacked?
  55. Does the monster stay in its lair? What percentage of time?
  56. How far from its lair does it travel?
  57. Does it have more than one lair and why? What distinguishes each?
  58. Is it looking for a home right now?
  59. Does it have a particular place it prefers, such as a cave or an abandoned settlement?
  60. Is the monster nocturnal?
  61. How does the monster fight?
  62. Does the monster use weapons, or only its limbs, teeth, etc.?
  63. Does the monster rely on brute force?
  64. Is the monster cunning?
  65. Does it have any special attacks?
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