34 World Building Prompts for Creating Information Systems

These world building prompts come from 3000 World Building Prompts, which you can get at Amazon. This section is focused on creating information systems.

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  1. How are public announcements made?
  2. Is there so much information that many people tune it all out?
  3. Do people care about what is happening the setting or think it doesn’t impact them?
  4. Is there so little information that rumors run rampant?
  5. Who or what is a trusted source of information to each cultural group?
  6. How much propaganda is there where the characters will be?
  7. How informed/ignorant is the average person?
  8. Are people unsure who to trust?
  9. Do people have easy access to cultural information to avoid tensions in their travels?
  10. Or must they rely upon a more knowledgeable character, and who is that?
  11. Is there a town crier?
  12. If so, from where are announcements made?
  13. What level of technology exists for long distance communication? Mail, telegram, phones, radios, the internet?
  14. Are these systems protected by sovereign powers or other organizations?
  15. How reliable is the system?
  16. How likely is a hack?
  17. Are there any specific communication devices?
  18. How reliable are they?
  19. How easy are they to fix?
  20. Are they precious or taken for granted?
  21. Can anyone purchase and use the devices?
  22. Are physical messengers protected or fair game for assault?
  23. What animals are used to transport messages?
  24. How are they trained?
  25. How common are they?
  26. Do messengers have any special privileges while traveling, such as discounts?
  27. Is being a messenger considered safe or dangerous?
  28. Do ships or stagecoaches carry messages?
  29. If so, how well guarded are they?
  30. Can magic be commonly used to disseminate information?
  31. Are there magic devices that assist with this?
  32. If so, how common are they?
  33. What are the items called?
  34. Are there any well-known, influential libraries? Where are they?
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