49 World Building Prompts for Creating Games and Sports

These world building prompts come from 3000 World Building Prompts, which you can get at Amazon. This section is focused on creating games and sports.

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  1. What is the name of this game?
  2. What Earth game(s) does it resemble?
  3. How popular is this game?
  4. Is this a tabletop game?
  5. Is it played on a field?
  6. If so, how is the playable area defined?
  7. How large is the playable area?
  8. Is it played outside on the ground?
  9. Is it played in the air?
  10. It is played in water?
  11. Are there professional leagues for this?
  12. How well paid are players?
  13. Is this a team sport?
  14. If so, how many players on a team and what are their roles?
  15. If so, are any positions more elite?
  16. Can players be substituted and under what conditions?
  17. Can a player who leaves the game return?
  18. What skills do players (at each position) need?
  19. Is training required?
  20. What age ranges play this?
  21. What happens if a player or a ball, for example, goes out of bounds?
  22. Is anyone (species, etc.) restricted from playing?
  23. Is anyone favored or have an advantage?
  24. What social classes play this?
  25. Do only elites watch it?
  26. How well educated are audiences?
  27. What items are needed to play the game?
  28. What equipment do players wear?
  29. Do referees or umpires exist? How good are they?
  30. If penalties exist, what infraction(s) cause one?
  31. What is the punishment for each infraction?
  32. Is cheating rampant?
  33. Are players unnecessarily violent?
  34. Are fans violent when their team/player loses?
  35. Is the game or sport known for civility or violence?
  36. How are points scored?
  37. Is there more than one way?
  38. How is a victor chosen?
  39. Are ties possible?
  40. Is there an overtime?
  41. Is the game timed? What are the increments?
  42. Are there any tournaments?
  43. Is a tournament at the end of the season?
  44. Are there “major” competitions throughout a season?
  45. Are there seasons?
  46. What is the prize? What is it called?
  47. Are there any famous players and who are they? What are they famous for?
  48. Are any of your main characters former players?
  49. If so, do some of their skills originate with this?
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