60 World Building Questions for Creating Health Systems

These world building prompts come from 3000 World Building Prompts, which you can get at Amazon. This section is focused on creating health systems.

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  1. What is the average life expectancy of humans?
  2. Do people live long enough that they know their grandparents? Great grandparents? Parents?
  3. Do the poor have access to health care?
  4. Is there public or universal health care?
  5. Does health insurance exist?
  6. Are people required to have health insurance?
  7. Is health insurance affordable?
  8. How expensive is medical care?
  9. Is there life insurance?
  10. Is there long-term and short-term disability insurance?
  11. Do vaccines exist?
  12. If so, are they trusted and used or shunned?
  13. When was the last major pandemic? What percentage of the population died, and where?
  14. What was the most famous pandemic? Why was it famous?
  15. What are the names of the more well-known pandemics?
  16. If someone gets seriously injured or sick, is death likely?
  17. Does supernatural healing exist?
  18. If so, does that power come from the gods? Do people just believe it or is it true?
  19. What other sources of supernatural healing exist?
  20. What plants or animals have significant healing properties?
  21. Are they hard to gain?
  22. Are they hoarded?
  23. Do the rich control them?
  24. Which ones are most well-known?
  25. What side effects do they cause?
  26. Which ones have such serious side effects as to be feared?
  27. Do antidotes to poisons exist? Which ones?
  28. How rare is each antidote?
  29. How strong of a dose is needed?
  30. Have the concepts of germs and pathogens been discovered?
  31. Are they widely known to exist?
  32. Have sufficient preventive measures been put in place to prevent the spread of anything infectious?
  33. Are there areas ravaged by infectious elements?
  34. What areas produce new strains?
  35. What areas are rumored to produce new strains?
  36. Is bloodletting practiced?
  37. Do doctors believe in humors or something similar?
  38. Do doctors have patients do cures that are actually harmful but they don’t know it?
  39. How good are doctors?
  40. Are doctors widely trusted?
  41. How accurate is biological and medical knowledge?
  42. Is childbirth still deadly?
  43. Is birth control effective and available?
  44. Is it legal in some jurisdiction but not in others? Which ones?
  45. Can characters return from the dead?
  46. Can people be resuscitated?
  47. Is CPR known? Widely?
  48. Can characters be reincarnated?
  49. If so, how much of their memory do they keep?
  50. Are mental patients incarcerated and abused?
  51. Does psychology exist?
  52. If so, it is a mature field?
  53. Are there mental institutions?
  54. If so, are they dark and terrible places or clean and peaceful?
  55. Are there medications, technology, or magic spells that can help or cure, permanently or not, the mentally ill?
  56. Is mental illness well understood?
  57. Is mental illness shameful?
  58. Do people hide mental afflictions?
  59. Is suicide common?
  60. How are the suicidal treated?
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