64 World Building Prompts on Creating Interesting Places

These world building prompts come from 3000 World Building Prompts, which you can get at Amazon. This section is focused on creating places of interest, like ruins, catacombs, and more.

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  1. Is this somewhere characters will visit, or will it only be mentioned?
  2. Does it have a name?
  3. Is the site unique?
  4. Or is such a site only rare?
  5. Is there a structure there and what is it?
  6. Is the structure occupied (if possible)?
  7. Is the place abandoned?
  8. Ruined? How much destruction has taken place?
  9. How overgrown are the ruins?
  10. What is still intact?
  11. If it has a function, is it still functioning?
  12. Has the function been changed to something other than intended?
  13. Is the place feared or desired?
  14. Is something or someone living there or nearby now?
  15. Is it the creator, descendants, or an unintended guest?
  16. Is the site revered?
  17. Are only some people or groups allowed to visit?
  18. Are there restrictions on when it can be visited?
  19. Does anything happen to people who go there?
  20. Is it dangerous and avoided?
  21. Is it only special at a specific time of day, month, year, etc.?
  22. Was it once special, and no longer is? What happened and when?
  23. What makes the place interesting?
  24. Is the place natural or not?
  25. Did an accident lead to its existence or current state? What happened, and when?
  26. If someone or something create it, who, why and when?
  27. Where is it?
  28. Can it move or be moved? Under what circumstances?
  29. What does it look like?
  30. What impression does it create from a distance and up close?
  31. What is it made of?
  32. Do people nearby know it exists?
  33. Do they know what it really is?
  34. How widely known is this place?
  35. Does this place need an explanation?
  36. Do you intend to reveal the explanation?
  37. If the place is dangerous, has it always been so?
  38. Has there been an attempt to change this? Did it work? Who did it?
  39. If it failed, what happens to those who tried?
  40. What species built it?
  41. What species uses it now, and for what?
  42. What secrets are hidden within?
  43. Are there monsters here?
  44. What was the purpose of the place?
  45. How extensive is the layout?
  46. If there are catacombs, what are the dimensions of most passages? What can and cannot fit in them?
  47. Do the catacombs lead to anything, and what?
  48. How deep do they go?
  49. How long ago was this built?
  50. Do they connect to anywhere else?
  51. What famous monuments exist here?
  52. Why are they famous?
  53. Where are they?
  54. Who built each?
  55. What/who do they depict?
  56. From what materials are they made?
  57. What phenomena exist here?
  58. What do they do?
  59. How dangerous are they?
  60. How common is each?
  61. Are they guarded?
  62. Where are they found?
  63. Does the place give off a sense of foreboding?
  64. Did something momentous occur here? What was it?
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