82 World Building Prompts for Creating Undead

These world building prompts come from 3000 World Building Prompts, which you can get at Amazon. This section is focused on creating undead.

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  1. Is this undead similar to a public domain one and in what ways?
  2. How does this undead different from a public domain idea?
  3. What is the proper name for this undead?
  4. What are its nicknames?
  5. It is a spiritual or corporeal undead?
  6. If corporeal, does it have a soul?
  7. What state of decay is the body?
  8. How are each of its senses affected?
  9. Can it see well in the dark?
  10. Does it have heat vision?
  11. How mobile is it?
  12. Is it capable of appearing as if it’s alive instead of undead (like vampires)?
  13. What does it look like?
  14. If a spirit, does it retain an image of itself as healthy and alive, appearing that way?
  15. Or does its appearance reveal that it is dead, such as showing wounds or decay?
  16. Is it typically aware that it is dead or undead?
  17. It is humanoid, animal, plant, or other?
  18. Did it originate from an accident?
  19. Did a phenomenon (like radiation) cause it?
  20. Did magic or technology/science lead to its existence?
  21. Did someone create it on purpose and why? Who?
  22. When did it first come to exist?
  23. Is it capable of turning others into something just like it via a bite or touch?
  24. What can prevent someone from becoming one of them? Is that known?
  25. Are there any talismans or symbols that are known (or believed) to frighten or wound it?
  26. Are people wrong about that and to what degree?
  27. How long until someone/something else becomes one once exposed to the triggering incident?
  28. Must someone die before becoming this type of undead?
  29. How long does something have to be dead before becoming this?
  30. How many of them exist in general or in a particular area?
  31. What sort of weapon or item is needed to wound or kill it?
  32. Is it afraid of anything? Why?
  33. Can it be rendered immobile, possibly so that people think it’s dead when it isn’t?
  34. Can it feign death (on purpose)?
  35. Can it be killed? How?
  36. What happens to one that is destroyed?
  37. Does it prefer graveyards?
  38. Does it haunt places?
  39. Does it haunt people?
  40. What are some specific places it is known to be found?
  41. Is it solitary or found in packs (of what quantity)?
  42. If it has a home, what kind?
  43. How far from or near to civilization can it typically be found?
  44. What brings it out of hiding?
  45. What makes it go back into hiding?
  46. Can it be summoned? How?
  47. When summoned, how difficult/easy is it for the summoner to control?
  48. Does it have feelings about having been summoned and what are they?
  49. How likely is it for the summoner to lose control of it?
  50. How likely is it for the undead to attack and/or kill the summoner?
  51. How intact is its mind?
  52. Is it delusional or crazy?
  53. Is it sinister?
  54. Can they communicate with each other, and to what degree of sophistication?
  55. Can it speak?
  56. Or does it only make unintelligible sounds?
  57. Does it understand languages and which ones?
  58. Can it read?
  59. What does it want? Revenge?
  60. To inflict pain or horror?
  61. To finish a task that remained unfinished at death?
  62. What happens when this goal is achieved?
  63. What does it need to continue existing (food), and how often?
  64. What happens if it is deprived of what it needs?
  65. What can it do?
  66. What can it not do?
  67. How fast is it?
  68. How strong is it?
  69. How agile is it?
  70. Can it perform magic?
  71. Can it manipulate technology?
  72. How does it fight?
  73. Does it have any famous attacks or defenses?
  74. Do biological scanners and other devices work on it?
  75. If spiritual, can this move through solid objects?
  76. Is there anything it cannot pass through?
  77. Who does it prey upon?
  78. What does it do to victims? Just kill them? Turn them into one?
  79. What do people know about this undead?
  80. Can its behavior be predicted?
  81. As its creator, how are you going to use it?
  82. How rare is it?
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