Species Creation In Action


To get an idea of the skills you’ll pick up from Creating Life (Vol 1), head over to Llurien.com and check out the humanoid species.

Randy Ellefson, the author of The Art of World Building, has been building the fantasy world of Llurien for almost three decades. At its heart are seven original species, most of them with at least one race. He’s just uploaded the tip of the iceberg about each of them to Llurien.com.

Some examples:

  • Jhaikan – synonymous with evil and brutal violence. They are used in stories to frighten children and adults. Created by the gods of wrath, cruelty, cunning, and domination
    • Rhaikan – the gods of fairness, joy, peace, and truth created the benevolent rhaikan to neutralize the threat jhaikan pose to all civilization
  • Kais – 3-4 ft tall with feathery wings, the species dominates the skies
    • Daekais – the gods of deception, greed, jealousy, and fear created this flying menace with poisonous teeth, claws, and minds
    • Morkais – a benevolent race acting as interpreters, messengers, and saviors to anyone they see in trouble
  • Karelia – the gods of truth, vitality, courage, and intuition created this species, whose supernatural skills protect people from spirits and undead
    • Sorelia – a corrupted race of karelia, this nefarious race uses their supernatural talents for evil
  • Kryll – the gods of curiosity, aspiration, fairness, and peace created these scholars, peacekeepers, and acrobatic weapons masters
  • Mandeans – the gods of innocence, passion, expression, and unity created this amphibious species, who dominate the seas
    • Kadeans – the gods of hate, domination, and cunning corrupted them into becoming a terror of the waves, attacking all who sail upon them
    • Nideans – a bioluminescent, subterranean race smaller in stature and rarely seen except by those seeking what only nideans possess
  • Querra – the gods of inspiration, empathy, rejuvenation, and patience created this playful, charming species, wise beyond their years
    • Niquerra – cursed by the god of greed, this nefarious race tunnels deep for gems, precious minerals, and secrets of the earth to exploit
  • Riven – the gods of hate, haste, cynicism, and sloth created this torn species, hell bent on killing everything while dying from disease themselves, torn apart from within
    • Dariven – abandoned riven babies are sometimes found and raised in civilized society by other species, with a lifelong need to overcome their base desires