Volumes 1-3 each have over 100 Amazon reviews, average rating of 4.6!
NY Times bestselling author Piers Anthony, and Ed Greenwood (inventor of The Forgotten Realms) have praised the series.

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Box SetCreating a unique, immersive setting one world at a time. A guide for authors, screenwriters, gamers, and hobbyists.

The Complete Art of World Building brings together volumes 1-3 in The Art of World Building series. This how-to guide will make readers a master of inventing imaginary worlds and help a setting stand out from the multitude of fantasy and SF worlds audiences see.

Creating Life (#1) teaches how to create gods, species/races, plants, animals, monsters, world figures, and even undead. Creating Places (#2) teaches how to create planets, moons, continents, land features, bodies of water, sovereign powers, settlements, interesting locales, and maps. Learn the different government types, how climate impacts vegetation, and consistently calculate how long it takes to travel by horse, wagon, sailing vessels, dragon, or in space. Cultures and Beyond (#3) teaches how to create cultures, organizations, armed forces, religions, the supernatural, magic systems, technological and supernatural items, languages, names, and various systems our world will have, from health, educational, legal, and commerce, to information systems.

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The books are now a popular podcast, a YouTube channel, and a growing series of courses at World Building University.

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