Last Words


Many of will build more than one setting in our career. While this can seem intimidating due to workload, we can often reuse what we’ve done. For example, one absolute monarchy is much like another in its broad strokes, as is a religion, military group, or countless other elements. A god of war in one world is likely similar to another. We can tweak the details, reusing the basics. Reuse your own work whenever you can, following the Rule of Three, this time for your work instead of an analogue. Just as we don’t want the audience to recognize we’ve modeled a power on Japan, we don’t want them to realize our new book has a monarchy that’s just like the one in our last book.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and found help, encouragement, and inspiration in it. I’ve enjoyed writing it and creating its offshoots, like the podcast that has tens of thousands of downloaded episodes. What started as a handful of articles has grown to multiple books totaling at least a quarter million words of advice. If it ever seems too much to take in, remember to do it in pieces and enjoy the process. Above all, never forget that world building is fun!

Please take a moment to review the books online. It’s more important than you might think, and if you’re an aspiring writer yet to publish, you’ll eventually find out just how terribly difficult it is to get a book review. Established authors already know. We creatives must stick together and offer support. I hope I’ve found yours in the four years it’s taken me to author The Art of World Building.

So where do you start? Where your heart lies.