WBC Coordination


The WBC (World Building Coalition) might find it helpful to keep a running list of decisions that have been made so that everyone stays aware. This will be especially useful if a new WBO joins. Maintaining this list would be the WM’s responsibility.


The WBC should attempt to meet periodically, such as once a month, to discuss group concerns and make decisions. This meeting can be in person or online. A possible agenda might include:

  1. Members in attendance
  2. Any official business, such as legal, voting, or membership changes
  3. Updates of shared WBC items and progress, problems, resolutions
  4. Discussion
  5. Intended work to be done by next meeting
  6. Incoming requests, such as those by authors wishing to write stories there
  7. Membership and other dues or changes to them

The WBC will need to share files. This includes documents that everyone can work on, and WBO-specific documents that a WBO has rights to alter but others can only read, to make use of the WBO’s work. Google Drive is free and provides both word processor and spreadsheet files. Programs that allow tracking of another’s suggested changes may be useful.