Introduction Conclusion (Vol. 2)

Templates and Newsletter

Effective world building requires having written down details about the created world. To help you organize and jumpstart your efforts, each volume in this series includes templates in the appendices. This volume includes three: solar systems, sovereign powers and settlements.

Rather than typing these up yourself, you can download these templates for free by joining the newsletter for The Art of World Building at As each volume is published, whether you’ve bought the book or not, subscribers will automatically receive an email with links to download the templates as Microsoft Word files.

In addition, this volume provides two Microsoft Excel files for calculating moon orbits and travel times on land, sea, and air. While the formulas are discussed in the book, the files come set with the needed calculations. I recommend that interested world builders download them rather than try to create them.

The Podcast

The Art of World Building podcast expands on the material within the series. The additional examples offer world builders more insight into ramifications of decisions. You can hear the podcast, read transcripts, and learn more about the episodes at


This book includes a number of images, which are greyscale in the print copy and color in the eBook. Larger, full color copies can be viewed for free online at They are organized by chapter and will provide more detail that make it easier to learn from.

Creating Life (Volume One)

The places we create are of little interest without life forms to dwell there, whether these are gods, species and races, plants, animals, monsters, and even undead. Creating Life (The Art of World Building, #1) goes into detail about inventing such people and making them memorable so our work stands out in a crowded field. The skilled use of analogues and how much world building to do are also discussed. We can start our work with any one of those subjects and crisscross between places and life, for one often impacts the other.

Cultures and Beyond (Volume Three)

Everything not covered in the first two volumes lies within the finale, Cultures and Beyond (The Art of World Building, #3). This includes creating culture, organizations, armed forces, religions, the supernatural, magic systems, technological and supernatural items, languages, names, and various systems our world will have, from health, educational, legal, commerce, to information systems. Finally, we look at how to manage our world building projects. Without these subjects, no world building project is complete.