WBC Roles


World Building Coalitions (WBCs) could have the roles defined here.

World Master (WM)

A World Master (WM) is the overriding authority for a planet (or group of them in a solar system, for example). This can also be a called a Universe Master (UM). This person has tie-breaking authority during any voting. Responsibilities include moderating disputes, laying out rules, and general administration of everything in the WBC except what has been delegated to others for ease of management. This person is the “boss.” In most instances, the WM will be the one who created the WBC, but if the original WM steps down, another member of the WBC may take his place.

World Master Backup (WMB)

In the event that the WM is unavailable, such as being on vacation, a backup who has the same level of access should be appointed. The WBC will need to determine how much authority this person has, but generally, the WMB is responsible for ensuring the forward progress of the WBC can continue in the temporary absence of the WM.

World Building Owner (WBO)

A World Building Owner (WBO) is every member of the WBC. Each should have voting rights, presumably equally. Each must sign the covenant and, if there are any dues for legal fees or hosting of shared files, pay their share.

Continent Master (CM)

While sharing a world building project is the point of a WBC, it makes sense for each member to have their own continent, with them as its Continent Master (CM). They are the owner of that continent, responsible for its name and everything on it, from land features to settlements and inhabitants. This allows each member relative freedom to do as they please on their land mass while using shared resources of the WBC/world, such as species, races, plants, animals, and gods.

A CM may carve out a period of their continent’s time that belongs exclusively to themselves while allowing other members of the WBC to use or influence the events of their continent with the CM’s approval, either in the past, present, or future. This might include others using or inventing history, characters, and items that originate or impact the CM’s property. As the CM is the owner, he has final approval over whether such alterations are allowed. It is recommended that this approval take place prior to significant development work by another WBC member, and once approved by the CM, it cannot be rolled back. The CM becomes bound by the invention just as if imagined personally. The CM also then acquires ownership and responsibility of the item.

WBO Regent

A regent is someone who is temporarily handling another WBO’s responsibilities. This optional role must be agreed upon by others in the WBC. Any decisions made by a regent must be honored by others as if the original property owner had made them.